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1953 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Replica... This vehicle is not just similar, but just about identical to the original, but actually far better, yes this car is by far superior to the the factory produced car for many reasons. The body on the original manufactured by General Motors was created from fiberglass molds in the infancy of glass cars 70 years ago, subsequently the body was wavy and the fit of the panels was poor to fair. This cars body is beautiful by comparison with tight fitting seams and panels. In addition all the moldings and trim, plus grille are super bright gorgeous chrome, once again not 70 years old. The non tired old interior, is disregarding the fact that it is just like the real car in appearence, is fresh new and vibrant, plus it has a tilt steering wheel, for comfort which was unheard of years ago. The electrical system of course is 12 volt. And lets not leave out the fact that the original 1953 vette had a old past tense straight 6 cylinder engine, a slush box Powerglide transmission. This car has a modern fully chromed Chevy 350ci V8 engine coupled to a 350 Turbo automatic transmission. Those are the facts but to go into a little more detail, as far as the body goes the panels all fit extremely well, the seams, gaps, and movement of the doors, hood, & trunk are excellent, plus the hood and trunk have locking struts. The chrome is flawless, grille, bumpers, trim, insignias, even the correct exhaust tips coming thru the body are as well. The interior seats dash even door panels with the built in folding arm rests are correct and like brand new. So the car looks proper in and out, in fact if this car and a original were side by side, no one would probably know the difference. Mechanically the car has a freshly rebuilt V8 engine with a 010-350 block, and a 4 bolt main the best of the 350s. Coupled to the engine is a early 350 Turbo trans the best of the series. A perimitized jig welded box frame, painted in Black lacquer, a 10 bolt Chevy rear, plus for authenticity in the dash is a fresh modern radio but with the asthelgic look to duplicate the original, with a power antenna. A perfectly fitting folding convertible roof that's like brand new, with the side curtains. A fully carpeted trunk with a hide away spare tire and jack, a strutted hood and trunk and so much more, also included is a original '53 Corvette owners manuel, brochures etc. Plus as a important bonus the car is titled as a 1953 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible, which ads to its authenticity. In summery this a car that can be taken to shows and create admiration, compliments, & alkaloids & trophy's galore. But not only a car to look at but a car that can be driven and enjoyed with the utmost pride of ownership. Asking $47,900. We can help with delivery anywhere, for any additional questions that would be my pleasure to answer, I'm available 14 hrs a day from 8:30am to 10pm Eastern time 7 days a week, and I will always answer the phone, I'm easy to speak to so do, please call, once again 732-735-0125 thank you in advance for your consideration of this truly magnificent automobile.

Price: $ 47,900.

Call Lance Motors
732-735-0125.  MONROE TOWNSHIP, NJ.
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Lance Motors
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White and Blue, clean, 61,000 low miles, V8, new paint, new tires, new clutch and transmission. $8,750. OBO. Call Richard 606-207-7160.

Price: $ 8,350 OBO

606-207-7160.  DUNNELLON, FL.
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1973 Dodge Charger 440 Magnum Sweet Ride All original matching numbers. Restored 7 yrs to the beauty it is today. Kept in Air Conditioned Garage. Gaylin Report to certify the numbers.

Price: $ 50,000 OBO

912-223-9754.  DARIEN, GA.
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